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Splendida riproduzione in scatola di montaggio del rimorchio container da 40ft abbinabile a tutte le motrici Tamiya.
Il pianale a tre assi può essere utilizzato con o senza il contenitore installato.
Disponibile una serie di Optional.

Cargo containers are used for shipping products and raw materials all around the world and ISO This is a replica of a 40ft. regular height container which can be connected to any Tamiya’s 1/14 scale Tractor Trucks.

Specs and Features
The container features the same gray livery as that of the shipping company MAERSK.
Length: 917mm, Width: 188mm, Height: 300mm.
Container side, top, and front panels feature different panel patterns which are accurately reproduced.
The model features the same twist-lock system as the actual container to enable attachment/detachment from the trailer.
3-axle semi-trailer designed for loading one 40ft. or two 20ft. containers, which is most commonly seen in Europe and is realistically reproduced and provides a great scale presence.
Container x1pc.
Semi-Trailer x1pc.
Can be connected to any Tamiya 1/14 scale Tractor Truck.


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